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Speaking of amazing fictional ladies




Trigger warning: Breakfast

Holy shit.

reasons why we don’t make fun of seemingly odd triggers


Everyone Loves a Good Car Jam!!! - by Thomas Sanders


actually no I refuse to go to sleep feeling shitty

I’m at least going to watch some Funimation VA panels or something to make myself feel better

I swear to god tomorrow had better not be as fucking shitty as today has been



I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!


Meanwhile the husbands at home- 

I know the rinharu shipping fandom is blasting off into another realm today but I am just so invested in their friendship you guys friends are so important and Rin is just. the best friend. థᴗథ

Even setting aside the fact that he’s able to recognize when he is in the wrong and actually own up and apologize for it, and even setting aside his ability to recognize that Haru is just so broken up about his fight with Mako and knowing to reassure him that their relationship is not destroyed forever and that they will be okay

All of that aside, the thing that I think I’m happiest about is that fact that Rin finally fucking realized that yelling at Haru and telling him to ‘make a decision’ and pressuring him to figure out his future was not helping.
Like finally someone realized that just putting more stress and pressure on him to ‘figure it out’ was only making things worse and more difficult for him?? That the way to actually be helpful isn’t to badger him and make him feel like shit for not having ‘a plan’
but rather to just
help to provide something that might inspire a dream of his own to be born??

Like, obviously everything the team had said to him last ep was out of concern and love, and I think Makoto came the closest in being able to put things into words adequately, in saying that he could see that Haru was unhappy, and that he wanted him to find a dream and chase after it
but saying that doesn’t help make the possibility feel real or tangible
saying you want happiness for someone doesn’t make happiness more attainable for them.

and I think Rin finally realized that, and he realized that Haru did not need or want words to help him.
Words have never done much for him.

Which is why I think Rin brought him to both the beach and the pool.

Obviously Rin had the feeling that Haru wanted to swim competitively, but I think the fact that he brought Haru to the ocean before he brought him to the pool shows how much he wanted to be sure it was Haru’s decision?

If he had wanted to just shove his dream on Haru, he would have brought him right to the pool and been like ‘look at how amazing let us swim competitively and inspire your obvious desire to be a pro swimmer' and that would have been the end of it.

But he didn’t.
He brought him to the ocean first, and suggested they swim in the ocean first, but Haru didn’t have any passion or desire or seemingly even any interest in swimming there.
And then he brought him to the pool, and it was there that Haru decided he wanted to swim, and it was there that Haru felt inspired and ‘free’.
It was there that he found his dream, on the stage.

So, while Rin definitely guided him along on this trip for very specific reasons, and with a very good idea of how he felt, it was definitely Haruka’s choice in the end
and that is just
so wonderful ;v;

tl;dr, Rin is the best friend and thank god this shit was not resolved by someone just really convincingly persuading Haru to do what they wanted him to do or some bullshit like that.

ok, you can continue flipping your shit about shippy things.
I just really needed to have my Platonic Relationships Are Super Fucking Important moment over here.

//waves you off as I dap my tearful eyes with a handkerchief


hot writing tip: if you’re sane and considering writing a character who is psychotic and evil because of it, don’t

I’m actually kind of surprised this wound up working so well, since I couldn’t find the right type of rice for it, but I made some onigiri ;v;